Holistic Treatment - Reiki

Reiki a Japanese word meaning ‘universal life energy’ and is a Healing Energy. This treatment is performed while the client is lying on the couch, fully clothed, wrapped in a warm blanket. The therapist does not necessarily need to touch the client for the client to receive a Reiki treatment as the healing is done through the energy paths. When the Reiki practitioner channels their hands to the recipient it activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The treatment differs from other healing systems in its simplicity and it does not involve any form of manipulation of tissues or muscles. A state of deep relaxation can be achieved with a calming effect on the mind, slowing down of breath, a feeling of wellbeing and a better sense of perspective can be achieved. Regular Reiki sessions generally lead to increased vitality, overall wellbeing and a sense of inner peace.


Treatment Duration Price

Universal energy healing.

60 mins €45.00

About Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing art which was rediscovered in the late nineteenth century by a Japanese Buddhist Monk, named Dr. Mikao Usui. After he had been enlightened to the symbols of Reiki he began teaching this healing system and empowering others to use it too. He initiated many people to the Reiki healing and it has been handed down from Reiki masters to others as it is to this day.

Key Benefits: 
  • Creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension
  • It accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities
  • Aids better sleep
  • Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system and chakras bringing the body into balance and harmony
  • Assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins
  • Increases vitality
  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing